Training and Development for ESG and Impact Investing

Welcome to MDA Insights, your gateway to a world of endless possibilities for professional advancement. In this global podcast, hosted by the dynamic duo of Paul Hewett and Oz Hussein, Directors at MDA Training, we delve into the ever-evolving realm of training and development.

In our captivating 14th episode, we turn the spotlight on the fascinating intersection of training and development with ESG and Impact Investing. Join us as we sit down with the visionary social entrepreneur, Robert Rubinstein, founder of the Tbli (Triple Bottom Line Investing Group). With an awe-inspiring track record of influencing over 50 trillion dollars in assets and directing nearly 1.3 trillion in investments, Robert brings unparalleled expertise to the discussion. Brace yourself for an enlightening conversation that explores the transformative power of training and development in driving sustainable change and making a lasting impact.