Leadership: Essential Skills and Competencies

🎙️ Join us for the 11th episode of MDA Insights, where we unravel the realm of training and development, delivering cutting-edge insights, expert advice, and thought-provoking discussions. The dynamic team at MDA Training, your hosts, are committed to empowering professionals, helping them unlock their true potential. From emerging career trends to innovative game-based learning, MDA Insights covers it all. 

🌟 In this episode of MDA Insights, we're joined by Sabrina Breher, Global Business Partner at Center for Creative Leadership- CCL. With over 50 years of experience across 160 countries, CCL has impacted millions of leaders worldwide. Join hosts Paul and Oz as they discuss 'Leadership: Essential Skills and Competencies' addressing the challenges faced by leaders today, the need for new skills in remote/hybrid team management, the importance of diverse talent in leadership development, the potential for behavior change, and three valuable tips for creating future-ready leadership programs. Tune in for an enlightening conversation!