Let’s Talk Bite Size Learning (For Your Team!)

Episode 21 welcomes Ilya Shvetsov, Chief Human Resources Officer of Neon Labs - pioneering parallelised EVM, to explore the groundbreaking concept of bite-size learning. Discover how this innovative approach is reshaping professional development and making learning more accessible and effective than ever, the key benefits of micro-learning for employees, hear success stories straight from the forefront of innovation, and learn how to integrate bite-size learning with other developmental initiatives for maximum impact.

Join hosts Paul Hewett and Oz Hussein for a captivating discussion on the transformative power of micro-learning in today's dynamic workplace.

Hosted by the talented team at MDA Training, this podcast is dedicated to helping professionals enhance their skills and reach their full potential. From early career trends to game-based learning and everything in between, MDA Insights has got you covered. – hit play now!