Enhancing learning, personal engagement and business growth

Embrace and MDA Training

MDA Training, one of the world’s leading learning and training companies, has announced a strategic partnership with {embrace} worldwide limited, Asia’s premiere leadership coaching and consultancy.

Established in Asia Pacific, the partnership addresses the increasing demands from organisations to enhance employees’ technical skills - and more important than ever before – their personal engagement and relationship leadership skills.

Ryan Spendelow, Director of MDA Training said, “Over the past 30 years, MDA Training has become known as the leading learning and development company for key sectors of the economy including: banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing and services. Our offering in the region has primarily focused on developing technical and commercial skills.”

“However, with the future of work and the scope of roles changing constantly, we have found more employees require the personal engagement and transformational skills to not only manage - but lead a business. Bringing {embrace} worldwide on board makes perfect sense,” he added.

Karen See, co-founder of {embrace} worldwide limited said, “For too long the emphasis has only been on technical skills and knowledge. However, we have come to realise - in a world where everyone is as smart as each other – what truly sets you above the rest is the personal, engagement and relationship skills to make you an exceptional leader.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with MDA Training. Together we will be able to offer a suite of products and services to meet the demands of the 21st century leader,” she added.

MDA Training and {embrace} worldwide services will include: developing commercial awareness, finance for non-finance managers, and business simulations to help people better understand the industry in which they operate; C-Suite and executive coaching; as well as leadership workshops based on the principles of positive psychology, neuroscience, and coaching principles.

Combined MDA Training and {embrace} worldwide covers a plethora of industries including, banking and finance; insurance and financial services, management consulting, communications, transportation and legal.

MDA Training is a leading provider of tailored experiential learning solutions. We specialise in technical and commercial skills training for a number of industries including banking, asset management, insurance, services and manufacturing. We offer a wide range of in-class and virtual workshops, as well as unique experiential business simulations and digital solutions.

{embrace} worldwide is a leadership coaching & consultancy with a mission to support people to be happy, confident and successful every day. We also deliver tailored solutions that create real change and business growth within organisations. {embrace} worldwide limited has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Australia.

For Further information Contact: Ryan Spendelow, Director, MDA Training, rspendelow@mdatraining.com


Karen See, Co-founder, {embrace} worldwide, Karen.see@embraceworldwide.asia