Developing Commercial Skills In Your Manufacturing Business

At MDA Training we focus on the matters that are important to your manufacturing business, and the behaviours your people need to demonstrate in addressing them. Whether leading financial management, driving business performance, focussing on operational excellence, managing financial performance, value-based management, managing value and performance: each workshop is shaped around your strategy, culture, KPIs and operations, and focussed on what you want your people to be able to do as a result. We aim to enthuse, enable and change behaviours. Because for many, the challenges faced in need a partner that work with you and not just for you, delivering the results you expect.

Tailored To Your Manufacturing Business

Designed to reflect your business and operational processes, tools, and KPIs, our training programmes provide an experiential and practical approach that is proven to transform behaviours, and address organisational and commercial challenges. We have a range of unique manufacturing simulations that can blend with an existing programme you may have in place, or alternatively run as a standalone learning solution.

In our experiential simulations, participants run a global business operating physical manufacturing facilities, a physical supply chain, and satisfying a global customer base in a dynamic and regulated industry. They experience real-time, the challenges of delivering against your own KPIs in a simulated manufacturing business.


Online & Virtual Training For Manufacturers

We appreciate it is not always possible for people to come together for an in-person event, especially when teams are geographically spread or in different time zones. At the forefront of digital learning, we have a suite of online and virtual learning solutions designed for the manufacturing industry. From digital business simulations to experiential virtual workshops, and interactive online workbooks to web-based dashboard apps – our digital learning portfolio is constantly growing.

Learning Aligned To The Needs Of Your Audience

Whether an onboarding programme for new hires, a management workshop or leadership development programme, we adopt a learner-centred approach to achieving the development ambitions of your people. We immerse participants in an experiential cycle of learning and development, aligned to the needs and experience of your audience, to create new personal insights that pave the way for real behaviour change in the workplace.

The learning does not start and stop at one of our simulation-based events. We also offer a range of digital learning solutions designed to pre-cue the learning ahead of an event, as well as activities designed to support and sustain the learning post event. From attitudinal surveys and 360°diagnostics, to interactive digital workbooks and dashboards – we have a suite of solutions to ensure we deliver an effective learning environment.