Interpersonal skills and communication are vital traits of any employee working within the service industry. 

As an industry that continually leverages the power of clear and persuasive communication alongside the ability to connect with other human beings, ensuring that employees are well trained to improve their interpersonal skills is essential for businesses with a service industry focus. 

So, how can service industry training courses be structured to improve communication skills?

At MDA Training, we utilise a number of innovative techniques across a wide range of platforms to strengthen communication and interpersonal skills, all of which are relevant for new starters and those in management.

Our key service industry training methods for improving communication and interpersonal skills include:

  • A ‘leading commercial success’ business simulation 
  • Essential skills for new and experienced managers 
  • Programmes for graduates and new hires 
  • Developing an agile mindset in your business

Leading commercial success simulation

Our ‘Leading Commercial Success’ simulation provides an opportunity to take part in a unique business simulation, with the aim of focussing on behaviours and skills that will drive commercial success.

We tailor our business simulations to the needs of our clients, with a clear focus on the specific goals and values that are central to the business they work for. 

Our leading commercial success simulation can help to improve communication and interpersonal skills in many ways. One way is simply that participants work collaboratively with other employees, allowing them to gain new insights and ideas, as well as strengthening professional relationships and boosting morale.

Simulations are also fantastic for improving leadership and personal skills. These can include: 

  • Emotional maturity 
  • Building emotional loyalty 
  • Visionary leadership 

All of these traits will contribute to improving interpersonal and communication skills on a day to day basis, and all of which are ‘thematic’ options that clients can select as a focus of service industry training

Essential skills for new and experienced managers

Even those in leadership positions in the service industry can have issues with interpersonal skills. It’s important to continually retrain employees to develop skills and reinforce relevant expertise in a positive environment. 

Here at MDA Training, our management development courses are based on practical, hands-on training experiences that help people develop their interpersonal and communication skills such as building rapport, delegation and handling challenging and difficult conversations. 

Programmes for graduates 

We offer service industry training for both graduates who are joining the service industry, and for making the most of the Apprenticeship Levy. These courses help businesses ensure that inexperienced new starters are given the strongest guidance, and are beginning to develop the skills that will help them to succeed at the business. 

Our training programmes are created specifically to engage the millennial mind and can be designed and delivered in an entirely flexible way. Interpersonal skills are a specific focus of our graduate programmes and can be improved through simulations, interactive workshops, team activities and e-learning platforms.

Developing an agile mindset in your business 

Without an agile working environment, communication between co-workers can be stilted and trapped by rigid organisational structures. This can significantly affect the interpersonal skills of employees.

Here at MDA Training, our experiential training exercises as a part of our service industry training programmes can help to push for a more fluid working environment by showing delegates how to embrace agile skills to navigate issues they may encounter on a regular basis.

This, in turn, encourages participants to use communicative and interpersonal skills to turn potential threats into opportunities, thus ensuring continuity.

In conclusion

In an industry where interpersonal skills are critical to long term success, choosing to adopt a training programme that develops the communication skills of employees both internally and externally can prove to be the difference in maintaining client relationships long term.

Our service industry training courses are specifically designed to improve the communication and interpersonal skills of participants at every level of the business through several mediums. Our engaging programmes tailored to each business's unique offering and can be personalised to focus on long term objectives.