Millennials are the future of the workplace and providing them with effective workplace training is a great way to help with their development.

Although it can seem like much more effort dedicating the time to construct an effective millennials training programme as opposed to hiring someone from an older generation with more experience, millennials have strong characteristics which should benefit your company…

They are motivated

Millennials are extremely driven and focused on personal development. They crave workplace training as they want to learn in order to succeed. Coople found that when millennials were asked what they value most in their job, 34 per cent of 18-24-year-olds said career progression – the highest percentage of any age group.

This means that when they do a job they are committed and hardworking, they are invested in what they do as they have goals to improve and show their employers they are capable.

They are highly-educated

It can be argued that millennials are the most educated generation currently, as many have chosen to attend some form of higher education. Workplace training can help to further develop your millennials to begin moulding them into the organisation’s future leaders.


Since millennials were the first to be brought up around computers, they are undoubtedly tech savvy. Their skills in computing surpass older generations and this can be a great quality to take advantage of within the workplace.

Moreover, not only does this mean they can work a computer to a high level, but they are also able to teach others about social media platforms, which can be used to a company's advantage.

Senior technology roles are on the rise so securing a millennial early on and providing workplace training can be a great way to nurture a future c-suite employee.

Additionally, due to millennials using numerous social media platforms, they are aware of current trends within all industries. From this not only can you offer millennials training, but they can also offer their knowledge and help your business to grow.

It is cost-effective

For most millennials, a job which offers flexibility and a good work/life balance is more appealing than a high wage. For them it’s about the overall picture of the job and happiness, although they aim for higher wages later on - they don’t put all their focus on this factor.

Additionally, since millennials put importance on workplace training and their personal development they become cost-effective as they are willing to put in the hours for lower starting wages.

They are aware of the competition

It’s extremely difficult to secure your first position within the current job market and millennials are aware of this. When millennials are offered an opportunity they are likely to put in extensive effort in order to stay within the role.

Unlike older generations who may have more entitlement, younger generations will be happy to be within the company and work in a way that positively benefits the organisation's mission and aims.

They are expressive

A millennials' reliance on social media highlights their comfort in expressing themselves to larger audiences. This means that in the workplace, millennials are not afraid to speak up with ideas and use techniques such as brainstorming to generate new ideas.

This typical trait of a millennial's personality is extremely useful in creative roles as they are better able to converse with others in opinion based discussions.