Microlearning is quickly becoming one of the preferred methods of teaching within the workplace.

Offering the capability to tackle multiple subjects and break these down into more bite-size pieces of information allows employees of all skill levels and capabilities to be able to expand their knowledge without it taking up too much of their time.

Microlearning offers an agile approach to information delivery, alongside a heads up on accessibility from its predecessors. It is typically available across multiple devices, on demand and available any time and anywhere. It can also be created with particular AI and algorithms integrated to ensure that the system is adaptive in order to meet the individuals' needs of each employee.

Content can be easily updated through a CMS, which is often incredibly easy to use and therefore can be contributed to by anyone. This allows knowledge contribution from a range of people, offering the capability to grow the overall internal knowledge of the workforce and support in improving overall employee performance.

Why is microlearning effective?

Microlearning has been recognised as a highly effective method for employees to consume a wealth of information without it becoming too confusing, overwhelming or complicated. The ability to break entire subjects down into five-minute segments to look at each day can allow for learning to occur at the individuals own pace, therefore ensuring they accurately internalise the information.

Knowledge growth is one of the primary objectives of the majority of microlearning efforts. This can boost confidence levels of employees and allow them to elevate themselves above the competition, whilst feeling more knowledgeable about their industry and role.

Microlearning can also be utilised to tackle an issue, such as improving safety in areas such as manufacturing and factory settings. It can improve the awareness around safety processes by providing staff with ongoing content that promotes best practice.

Benefits to a business

With microlearning sessions proving to be overall more engaging, quicker to turn around and more frequently completed in comparison to their long form or classroom-based counterparts, there are numerous reasons why it is a great option that can benefit just about any business.

Moreover, it can be a highly economical option when it comes to choosing a training program for your business. Rather than sending your employees out of the office for long durations, to expensive seminars and training course, microlearning can be created in-house and therefore can be highly customisable but much more affordable.

Finally, microlearning allows even those with the lowest attention spans to capture information through short bouts of training. When used as a constant refresher tool, microlearning can reinforce previously learned information, through utilising more captivating mediums such a live or prerecorded video, games and animation.