It has been reported that businesses with the highest quality leaders were at least 13 times more likely to outperform their competition.

Quality leaders in the workplace are vital to success as they are able to motivate and engage employees to boost morale and maintain a healthy working environment. Need to grow great leaders? Read our top tips and create the workforce you’ve been dreaming of.

Early Development

Find your future leaders early by looking for certain characteristics that make employees stand out from the crowd. You should note their level of engagement - how invested are they in your company? Do they take the lead? Look for people that make things happen within the business rather than those that watch and let things happen. Are they accountable? Employees who count themselves answerable for failure can be identified as leaders. Once you have discovered which employees you feel will grow into great leaders that, with training, could transform your business, you should act fast.


Growing great leaders takes training and educating. By ensuring employees get constant training and development opportunities on not only becoming a great leader but within the business industry, they will provide fresh ideas and insight into how to get tasks and goals completed effectively.

Delegate Responsibility

Although it is important to monitor the development of employees, in order to grow great leaders they must be given a little control by allowing them to have the responsibility to make certain decisions. Developing your leaders internally will not only save you time and money without the hassle of recruitment, but your future employees will also understand the needs and requirements of your business and provide motivation to reach those all-important goals and targets.

Need help to develop your leaders?

Known for our highly experiential approach to leadership development, clients often approach us to develop tailored assessment centres built around their leadership competencies and business context.