A modern banking operation has to account for so much more than it did several years ago, as compliance, innovation and market disruptions are so much more prevalent than they used to be. Much like all of the connecting pieces of a jigsaw, a banking operation needs every part to work in order for the business to succeed.

This, of course, means that in terms of workplace development and employee wellbeing, there needs to be a consideration and implementation of the best learning programmes for bank operations in order to remain competitive.

From digital learning software to business simulations that facilitate real-life scenarios, there are many training solutions now widely available. But how can employers choose the right ones?

Focusing on the needs of the employees

It makes sense that the needs of the typical banking employee should be considered when investing in learning programmes, as they are the ones who will engage with them, benefit from them and ultimately use what they learn from them to drive the business forward in their respective field(s).

With so many different employees from varied backgrounds and with different skill sets to account for, it can be challenging to provide the right learning programme to prepare everyone adequately. This can be made inherently easier, however, by taking the time to understand what employees need.

When looking for the right learning programmes to improve banking operations, leaders should ask themselves the following:

  • What are the critical operations within the bank?
  • Where are our areas for improvement?
  • How can my employees best develop their skills?
  • Which learning programmes are available for my banking operations?

Once the answers to these questions can be answered, it will become clear what needs to be prioritised in order to provide a learning programme that drives real organisational change and produces long term results.

MDA Training’s learning programmes for bank operations

At MDA Training, our learning programmes for bank operations are tailored directly to the specific goals, KPIs and values set by our clients. From a digital suite of e-learning solutions to interactive, experiential training events, we are able to embed and sustain learning back in the workplace.

From onboarding to product issues and compliance, we offer a range of modules that enable employees to challenge the status quo and embrace adaptive, agile thinking. In utilising these methods, people come away with the relevant skills and insights to drive the business forward.

Our ‘Client Centricity’ simulation builder also allows you to create a learning programme based on your values and standards. With over 30 years of experience in training for the banking sector, we are able to design and deliver an experiential, simulation-based new entry programme for your bank. Click here to build your simulation today.