MDA Training and {embrace} worldwide offers leadership and mentorship programs specially designed for female executives. Designed to enhance self-belief, confidence and executive presence, our program aims to eliminate self-limiting beliefs - an opportunity for women to believe in their leadership abilities which provides a greater return on investment for the company as well.  A win/win.

Topics in our program include:

Leadership is not a title. It is a way of being

To influence and persuade requires competency skills, and more importantly the “soft” skills of leadership. We will share the principles of leadership and set a vision for a leadership future.

Self-belief and confidence because if you don’t believe in yourself who will?

Confidence is one of the key barriers to success. Step out of your comfort zone into your courage zone to reach your full potential.

Emotional Intelligence - managing for positive impact in professional and personal relations

Be the leader you would follow by harnessing the power of EI to help perceive, understand, express and manage emotions within ourselves and others.

Communications, Executive Presence, putting your boldest foot forward. Always.

The ability to communicate and be understood is a life skill - but it’s not only in the way we speak - consider your body language, tone of voice, how well do you listen? It’s all about presence!

Collaboration and positive relations

Working and getting along with others is the cornerstone of success. Having positive relations at home and in the office provides stability, harmony and greater productivity. We will start to look outside ourselves and seek to understand, rather than to be understood.

MDA Training

MDA Training is a leading provider of tailored experiential learning solutions. We specialise in technical and commercial skills training for a number of industries including banking, asset management, insurance, services and manufacturing. We offer a wide range of in-class and virtual workshops, as well as unique experiential business simulations and digital solutions.

{embrace} worldwide

{embrace} worldwide is a leadership coaching & consultancy with a mission to support people to be happy, confident and successful every day. We also deliver tailored solutions that create real change and business growth within organisations. {embrace} worldwide limited has offices in Hong Kong, and Australia.