At this time of the year, our specialist consultants would usually be flying across the world, delivering in-house, experiential learning solutions for graduates, interns and new hires alike.

Although this is of course not possible due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we firmly believe that learning and development should not be paused in the age of remote working.

While we are unable to deliver classroom-based solutions, we have adapted to meet the needs of the remote workforce, including the upcoming generation of graduates.

By combining our extensive knowledge of graduate training programmes over the years with our digital learning solutions in place for the banking, asset management, insurance, service and manufacturing industries, we have been able to create online solutions that ensure graduate development does not become an afterthought.

The importance of continuity in graduate development

There are several companies that have already opted to either pause or cancel graduate schemes and internships amidst the uncertainty of coronavirus. Earlier this month, it was announced that Deloitte would be scrapping their summer internship scheme, and Santander followed suit by cancelling or postponing their summer internships.

In addition, it was announced last month that two-thirds of students have had their job applications paused or withdrawn in light of the pandemic.

While these drastic measures will have been taken by business leaders to ease further financial burdens, as well as considering the limitations of no-contact training, it will provide significant shortcomings in the long run, ultimately harming continuity.

Without careful consideration of how best to develop and upskill the next generation of employees, and in some cases, leaders of the business, operations will inherently suffer, especially when competitors are putting plans in place to secure and train the most talented individuals.

MDA Training’s approach to graduate training during COVID-19

Despite the ongoing challenges that COVID-19 is posing for our business and other businesses around the globe, we have hosted several digital workshops and programmes for graduates and interns, and thus far have received excellent feedback.

Based on the same principles as our classroom-based learning solutions, we are able to embed key messages and prepare graduates for the demands of their chosen industry.

Our programmes are delivered through a range of e-learning and virtual learning methods, all of which are designed to ensure that employees can excel within their roles.

Now more than ever, it is critical that young employees possess an expert understanding of both the business they are to join, as well as the wider industry in order to do their bit to carry the company through this difficult period.