There is no denying the fact that training and employee development in the banking sector has been largely disrupted as operations continue to be significantly affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

While this continues to be the case, we have now reached a period where the majority of businesses are set up for remote working, and, in some cases, companies are returning to the workplace with social distancing measures in place.

As we continue to navigate through this transitional period, there now needs to be a consideration of how digital banking training will be incorporated into the future of the business. While immediate issues will typically concern cash flow and various payments, employee development is vital to ensuring continuity.

While MDA Training’s approach to training in banking is centred around experiential activities delivered both in-house and digitally, we have adjusted our digital offering to accommodate multiple platforms and incorporate video calls - ensuring that we are able to keep up with the demands of leading banks across the world.

The benefits of conducting fully digital banking training

Not only can digital banking training be considerably cheaper to provide when you consider the reduction in costs for training venues and other physical factors, but it can also prove to be more effective for employees.

In fact, according to SH!FT, those using e-learning platforms can learn nearly five times more material than traditional methods without increasing time spent in training.

In addition, it must be noted that digital training offers more flexibility than in-house programmes as delegates are able to work through learning material at their own pace in order to maximise retention.

While opportunities to fully engage with colleagues are limited, the implementation of virtual methods will ensure that learning and development is not wasted.

Whether it is credit skills, wealth management, or even developing people skills, there are a number of methods available for remote employees to improve their capabilities.

From interactive PDFs and workbooks to virtual learning modules and microlearning, the varied nature of digital banking training and digital learning in general allows businesses to tailor their programmes to the specific short term and long term needs of their workforce.

MDA Training’s approach to digital banking training

Our consultants already possess years of experience in delivering virtual training programmes for the banking sector.

Specialising in corporate and commercial banking, investment banking and private banking, our programmes explore a range of topics, including:

  • Practical credit skills
  • Products and control issues
  • Asset finance
  • Market developments
  • Onboarding
  • Compliance and regulation
  • Sales and relationship management
  • Technology and innovation.

For more information on the specific digital banking training programmes we provide, please visit our training for the banking sector section.

Whether it’s graduate and new hires training or even a course dedicated to commercial skills development, we are able to provide a solution.

Typically delivered through WebEx or Zoom, our digital banking programmes and commercial banking simulations are tailored to the specific contexts, values and standards set by the bank.