Professional skills development has always been a crucial component when developing talent within organisations.

The demand for professional skills training has increased significantly post-Covid as people return to the office after several years of working remotely from home.

However, the approach to developing effective professional skills has evolved thanks to advances in learning technology that has enabled more flexible, on-demand learning. 

Increasing demand for professional skills development | MDA Training

According to a report by the Training Industry, the global market for corporate training is expected to reach $370.3 billion by 2027.

This growth is being driven by the increasing demand for professional skills development, as well as the rapid adoption of e-learning and virtual learning technologies.  

In addition, research by LinkedIn Learning has found that the most in-demand professional skills are leadership, communication, and collaboration.

These skills are essential for effective teamwork and organisational success and are likely to remain in high demand in the coming years.

Self-led Learning 

Self-led Learning | MDA Training

Self-led learning is one of the most popular ways of developing professional skills, as it allows participants to upskill themselves as and when they need it.

This approach enables employees to take ownership of their own learning and development, which leads to higher levels of engagement and satisfaction.

Some of the most popular professional skills themes for self-led learning include self-awareness/self-management, social skills/relationship management, and managing tasks effectively. 

Self-led learning is an effective and efficient way to develop professional skills | MDA Training

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn Learning, 90% of employees prefer to learn at their own pace, and 58% prefer to learn at the point of need. Self-led learning addresses both these preferences, making it an effective and efficient way to develop professional skills. 

Virtual or In-person Learning That Utilises Experiential Activities 

Virtual or In-person Learning That Utilises Experiential Activities | MDA Training

Facilitator-led sessions, whether they be virtual or in-person, are hugely enhanced when blended with experiential activities designed to stimulate learning engagement and bring a more practical element to professional skills development.

Experiential activities, by their very nature, create a sense of theatre and buzz that other learning formats simply cannot replicate. They make learning more enjoyable and memorable, leading to higher levels of retention and application. 

Some of the most popular experiential activities for professional skills development include business games and simulations, interactive quizzes, escape rooms, and film-based branching scenarios.

These activities provide employees with a safe space to practise and develop their professional skills, while also creating a sense of fun and excitement. 

Short Burst, Just-in-Time Learning 

Short Burst, Just-in-Time Learning | MDA Training

Short-burst, just-in-time learning is another effective way to develop professional skills. This approach enables employees to dip into the learning offer as and when they need it, making it an impactful and efficient way to learn.

By providing employees with a range of short professional skills sessions aligned to your organisation and industry context, they can develop skills and behaviours relevant to the workplace.

The bitesize format also means employees can access the learning easily, helping to promote and encourage a strong organisational learning culture. 

Professional Skills Development

According to a report by Deloitte, 68% of employees believe that learning opportunities and professional development are a company’s most important policies.

Short-burst, just-in-time learning enables organisations to deliver high-quality learning opportunities to employees, which can increase their motivation, engagement, and loyalty. 

MDA Training's Professional Skills Development Programs: Empowering Employees to Learn and Grow 

Empowering Employees to Learn and Grow | MDA Training

MDA Training is a global leader in the design and delivery of professional skills development programmes for organisations.

We specialise in developing programmes that enable employees to learn and develop new skills in a fun, engaging, and practical way. 

Our approach to professional skills development is based on three key principles: 

  1. Learning by Doing – MDA Training utilises experiential learning techniques to make learning more enjoyable, memorable, and effective. They use business games, simulations, and other interactive activities to create a sense of excitement and engagement. 
  2. Just-in-Time Learning – MDA Training provides employees with access to short, bitesize learning sessions that are aligned to their organisation and industry context. This approach enables employees to learn at their own pace and when they need it, making it an efficient and effective way to learn. 
  3. Flexible Delivery – MDA Training's professional skills development programmes can be delivered virtually or in person, depending on the organisation's needs and preferences. They use the latest learning technologies to deliver high-quality, engaging learning experiences that are tailored to the organisation's specific requirements. 
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Blog Co-Authored By: Carl Medland, Digital Training Specialist, MDA Training