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The difference between leadership and management

In every business there are managers and there are leaders. However, does this automatically mean that a manager is a good leader?

What is leadership?

Leadership, by definition, is the ability of an individual to motivate, influence and enable others to contribute towards the success of an organisation.

Leadership isn’t concerned with seniority or positions in the hierarchy of a company. Leadership doesn’t necessarily take hold when a member of staff hits a certain level of seniority rather a person who holds leadership qualities will rise to these executive positions. An effective leader is able to set out realistic achievable goals, they have the ability to take quick decisive action in a variety of situations. Characteristics of a leader include; strong communications skills, self-confidence, delegation skill, the ability to manage a team and embrace change willingly.

What is management?

Management can be described as the organisation and coordination of the activities of a business. It is the act of gathering people together to accomplish a set goal using the resources available.

How they differ

It has been stated that the main difference between leadership and management is that leaders acquire followers, while managers simply have employees work for them.

Leadership is concerned in getting people to understand, believe and follow a vision while working to achieve set goals, while management surrounds the delegation and administration of tasks and making sure all aspects of work is completed efficiently with the correct resources.

For a business to be successful it must include managers and leaders in order to ensure employees are not only equipped and understanding of their role, but so they are motivated and understand the goals and visions of the organisation.

We have extensive experience in leadership and management development, operating at all levels from first line managers to CEOs.  Likewise, we also have considerable experience in designing and delivering highly creative and engaging team building events for audiences ranging from graduates to senior management.


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