The professional world like we know it has been rocked this year, as businesses and employees both continue to adapt their working methods in order to be as productive as possible while doing their bit to help eradicate COVID-19.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that travelling far and wide for training events, conferences or even work in general has become increasingly difficult.

While many of us have always taken jumping in the car or catching a train to get to work or work-related events for granted, our current reality or ‘new normal’ is to set up our work stations in the kitchen, living room or anywhere else in our own homes!

This of course has posed many challenges for businesses that had arranged conferences, training events and networking opportunities for 2020. Much like any other form of communication this year, we have seen a surge in virtual training conferences and online events, across most if not all industries.

At MDA Training, we have over 30 years experience in delivering impactful and high energy training events for businesses all over the world, both in-person and virtually. In that time, we have observed a number of benefits of virtual training conferences, which we have shared below:

Saving money!

Saving money

Virtual conferences work out to be so much cheaper for both businesses and attendees! Instead of having to pay for tickets, accommodation, travel, food and other expenses (which definitely add up), hosting a virtual conference can be hosted at a much lower cost.

With less overhead costs to consider, businesses can also invite more representatives and guests from anywhere in the world to join their event, thus improving the experience for all.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Large scale conferences and events will typically require attendees to travel from all corners of the world to one location, which in turn increases the number of flights, taxis and other forms of transport, which in turn increase greenhouse gas emissions.

With virtual training conferences, this effect is dramatically reduced as attendees simply log in from home!

Improved learning retention from virtual methods

Improved learning retention

Studies show that the flexible nature of virtual learning is directly linked with improvements in learning retention.

Did you know, for example, that virtual learning methods have a retention rate of up to 60%, compared to just 10% for traditional methods? By working at your own place in a comfortable environment, individuals are more likely to make the most of virtual training conferences and learn more efficiently!

Increased Productivity!

Increased Productivity

As mentioned above, many conferences will require attendees to travel all over the place. When you consider the fact that someone might spend more than a full working day just travelling to and from a conference, they begin to lose productive hours that could have been spent on other tasks, or even developing what was learnt from the event.

With a virtual programme, people can be safe in the knowledge that they can attend a conference one day, and be back to their usual role as soon as possible.

In addition, a virtual event will enable you to easily provide feedback and collate results all in one place, as well as building connections quickly. No more losing business cards!

Prioritising your mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing

Mental health has been a hugely discussed topic during the COVID-19 pandemic, as we all look for ways to maintain a positive mindset as we work from home.

With safety an absolute paramount for businesses in 2020, virtual conferences give people the comfort of being able to attend an event in an environment that is safe and secure.

It also helps that you don’t have to spend any time stressing out over which room your next event or programme is taking place (or looking for the toilets!)