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Virtual learning

Drawing on 25 years’ experience of designing and delivering engaging and interactive classroom-based training, our virtual learning solutions are simply an extension of our successful approach.  Utilising the industry leading platform, WebEx, we design our virtual learning solutions to ensure that all the benefits you would expect from a traditional classroom-based training event are closely emulated in the virtual environment.

Flexible and cost effective solution

V-learning offers clients the opportunity to minimise the time participants are away from their desks whilst also minimising costs associated with traditional delivery such as venues, materials and travel, especially when the intended participants are spread geographically.  Our virtual sessions can accommodate up to 50 participants per session and we can also record live sessions so that delegates unable to attend have the option of watching the recorded sessions at a later more convenient time though an “on-demand” feature.

Hassle free access

No investment of software is required by our clients.  Participants wishing to attend a virtual session simply follow a link and all the necessary files are installed and configured automatically.  This process is the same regardless of operating system i.e. it works with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris.  Participants even have a choice of whether they listen to the session audio through their browser or over the phone.

Highly interactive and engaging learning experience for participants

We have designed our virtual classroom to include the following features as standard:

  • High quality video with integrated audio – the instructor has complete control over toggling between the camera view of themselves as the speaker and also participants who may have a question.
  • As well as a live video stream, participants also have a choice of how they hear the session audio – through the browser or a regular desk phone.
  • Live sharing of the instructor’s slides and documents including screen annotations – instructor can also select and allow participants to annotate and share documents real-time to encourage greater participation.
  • Real-time two way communication between the instructor and the participants – participants can “raise” their hands to ask a question and the system automatically logs on a first-come basis.
  • Live polling for group Q&A, exercises and tests – results can also be shared instantly with the participants.
  • Live chat between participants to share ideas and encourage participation – these can be private or public with the instructor, other attendees, or the entire class.
  • Break-out sessions for group work activities – instructors can also “drop in” on groups to see how they are getting on with the group work and facilitate.
  • Classroom assistant available throughout session – a classroom assistant would be present alongside the instructor to help out with some of the interactive elements i.e. Q&A, polling, tests, and also to deal with any technical issues that may arise, enabling the instructor to remain focused on delivering the session.
  • Full reporting on participants’ attendance and attentiveness in class – instructors can also measure class performance by testing participants before, during, or after the live session.