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Corporate finance training

Corporate financiers are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds including lawyers, accountants and generalists.  An effective corporate finance team blends the different skills of each of the team members to provide clients with a full range of services.  To ensure the team functions effectively it is necessary that each team member is able to understand enough about the specialism of other team members to be able to communicate effectively in devising an integrated solution for the client.  New members to the team either at graduate level or experienced hires also need to be quickly incorporated into the team to enable them to deliver value as quickly as possible.

We have many years’ experience working with corporate finance businesses to both enhance the skills of specialists e.g. the impact of accounting changes for M&A transactions and to help generalists acquire a more in-depth understanding of technical issues e.g. valuation techniques.  We are also able to include internal tools and resources, e.g. in-house merger models, in our training to ensure that the skills learned are easily transferable back to the workplace.

Many banks are seeking to enhance their ability to cross sell products and are looking to corporate finance teams to ensure clients are aware of the broad range of solutions that can be offered by other areas of the bank e.g. financing solutions, hedging options etc.  We have devised a number of innovative M&A simulation approaches which have been designed to improve the effectiveness of relationship managers’ ability to leverage the investment bank.

The areas that we are most commonly asked to cover include the following topics.  However, we often design courses to a particular client brief so if you have any particular requirements we would be delighted to discuss them with you.

  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Building a valuation model
  • Building an LBO model
  • Building an M&A model
  • Carrying out a strategic business analysis
  • Determining and optimising the cost of capital through different financing structures
  • Implications of the latest accounting rules for corporate finance activity
  • Leveraging the investment bank
  • Valuation techniques.