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Business coaching

Talented individuals can become effective leaders with the right coaching, learning and practice. However, making the transition requires people to think and act in different ways, and that’s the challenge that many find most difficult.

Our experienced business and leadership coaches focus on building peoples insight into leading themselves, their people and their business.  The most effective leaders are self-aware and recognise the impact they have on both their colleagues and their business. Knowing themselves better and then recognising when they are most inspiring and influential will enable your leaders to be more effective in bringing people with them. We emphasise that leadership is about choices: choices of attitude; choice of approach and choice of behaviour.

  • Building a basis for objective discussion
  • Concluding relationships at the right time
  • Developing mentoring and coaching skills within your team
  • Developing self-awareness in yourself and others
  • Evaluating progress
  • Exploring and applying key skills, for example, presentation or negotiation skills
  • Exploring and guiding people through career options and opportunities
  • Improving performance and sustaining energy levels
  • Learning as a process rather than a solution – understanding how you learn
  • Managing change
  • Releasing your potential – maximising your capability
  • Supporting role transitions – the first 90 days
  • The impact of personal style
  • Using questions purposefully.

Sample client projects:

Case iconCoaching high performance   Case iconCoaching personal impact   Case iconWorking strategically at board level   Case iconManaging the impact of personal style