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Commodity trading

Participants work in teams, each having a market maker and a number of proprietary traders.  Teams then have to trade the price of a commodity in a fast moving market where prices fluctuate as news hits the market.

The simulation is high paced and energetic.  With market makers not wanting to be caught with open positions and the proprietary traders hoping to call the direction of the market in order to earn a profit.  In the process, prop traders may also spot arbitrage opportunities that they can take advantage of!

This is one of our most popular simulations.  We have run it for experienced traders, business and operations professionals and new hires just starting their careers.  We have run it for groups of 10 to over 100 participants.

The simulation itself is simple to understand, but being successful is very challenging.  One trader described it as fast and more furious that the fast moving currency market that he actually trades!