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A day in the life of a corporate customer

Nothing can be more powerful for a relationship manager to feel what it is like to run a business in these challenging times than to experience it for themselves first-hand.¬† By immersing themselves fully in their customer’s shoes they will have a greater empathy and understanding of their customer base and think more like a business person than a banker.

In this simulation, participants take over the running of a business in the manufacturing sector distributing and selling products internationally for four years (each simulated year being one hour).

At the start of the simulation all the businesses are in the same position but from then on the direction and success of their business will be entirely down to their team.  Modelled on a typical commercial enterprise, the simulation encompasses areas such as people leadership, strategic thinking, commercial decision making and finance, risk management, sales and marketing, operations and customer service.

The simulation involves:

  • Coming to terms with their customer’s business
  • Putting themselves into the customer’s shoes
  • Getting to grips with taking over the running of the business
  • Applying internal risk frameworks (operational, regulatory and credit) to a typical business
  • Sitting on the other side of the fence taking part in meetings with the company’s bankers¬† (i.e. participants acting as the customer and not the bank)
  • Understanding what it feels like day-to-day to run a business in a very challenging economic, competitive and financial market
  • Effectively managing the risks of a business.