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Experiential learning

Experiential learning through business simulations

People remember most what they do rather than what they hear. That’s why we regularly blend experiential simulations and activities into our training programmes, enabling participants to learn by doing.

With our simulations there is no pre-set outcome.  No computers to beat.  No system to crack.  Instead, every simulation is designed to reflect your needs, embedding your organisational and commercial context into the simulation design to truly reflect your real commercial challenges.  By doing so, our simulations support the effective transfer of learning to the workplace, engaging your people in a really powerful way.

Our simulations can be designed as a standalone learning solution or alternatively designed as part of a wider blended solution.  And because we are constantly adding to our portfolio of simulations, we have a wide range of simulations that we can tailor to meet your needs, from two hour simulations to three day simulations, and from business simulations to very focused industry specific simulations.  Follow the links below to see a more detailed overview of our simulations.

Press iconBusiness and commercial skills simulations – suitable for all industries
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Simulations designed specifically for the financial services industry