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Classroom-based workshops

Highly engaging and commercially focused classroom-based workshops

Our approach to classroom-based learning has a strong emphasis on learning by doing – encouraging delegates through an experiential cycle of learning and development that creates new personal insights and paves the way for real behaviour change in the workplace.

Working in partnership with you, and based on your specific developmental needs, and organisational and commercial context, we design and develop focused classroom-based solutions that blend tutor-led inputs, with practical case studies, workplace exercises and projects, innovative in-class media solutions and simulations to really help embed the learning.  We ensure your classroom-based learning solution has a real commercial focus and achieves a number of valuable learning goals including:

  • Giving learners an opportunity to internalise new ideas, and check whether they have developed an adequate understanding
  • Allowing learners to experiment with new ideas in a practical setting
  • Offering an opportunity for reflection about the effectiveness of their efforts and the areas that need further support
  • Providing encouragement to actually use new skills and capabilities in the workplace, following the success of their experiences during the learning process.

Moving from education to application is the key to ensuring that your development programmes provide substantial value to participants and a real return on investment.  That’s why for 25 years we have been designing and developing highly engaging, learner-centred solutions that focus on practical application.  Our learning solutions not only provide participants with new knowledge, insights and ideas, we also encourage new ways of working by concentrating on helping participants to apply their new understanding in realistic workplace situations.

Depending on your learning and development needs, our in-class learning solutions can include: