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Spotting workplace leadership qualities in current employees

Not all employees are born leaders, however, it is possible to learn how to be a more effective leader. It can be said that the best leaders display certain qualities that enable them to strive for success.


The role of a leader requires confidence when deadlines are looming, or things aren’t going entirely to plan, a leader must maintain team morale. They should ensure that all team members have a positive attitude and inspire confidence in others. A leader that demonstrates confidence towards proposed goals and objectives inspires the best efforts from team members.


Great leaders will be the most committed, hard-working members of the team, they should lead by example inspiring others to follow suit, seeing senior members of staff working alongside their colleagues will give employees motivation to work to the same standard. It is also important for team morale to show commitment to promises made, staff incentives should be followed through, leaders should create a reputation that gains respect from their employees.


It is of the utmost importance that all leaders have the ability to make tough decisions. They should understand that in certain situations, difficult decisions must be made efficiently and they must be made in the best interests of the entire organisation. Leaders should understand that the decision they make might not please the entire team, but it is the best decision for the success of the business.


Although it is important to take control of a team, it is also crucial to hand over responsibility to other members. Learning to trust team members to complete tasks and goals is critical for a business to progress. Good leaders recognise that delegation does more than simply alleviate their own stress levels. Delegation shows that leaders have the confidence within their employee’s abilities, which will aid workplace morale, employees will feel appreciated and will, in turn, be more productive and loyal to the business.

Do you see these qualities in members of your staff? Need help to develop them? We have extensive experience in leadership and management development, operating at all levels from first line managers to CEOs.


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