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Step 5

We create learning and development solutions to meet your organisation’s specific needs.  And by agreeing clear objectives at the outset, we create a strong foundation for evaluation.

Our methods include evaluating:

  • Learner reactions – post-course participant feedback forms, immediately after the learning and/or at a later point.
  • Knowledge, skills, attitudes – objective tests of knowledge and a variety of case studies and simulations to test comprehension, analysis and application of new knowledge, skills or attitudes.  We have affiliations with independent awarding bodies that can accredit learning and provide independent certification of achievement.
  • Change in workplace behaviour – through on-the-job projects that participants submit to their line executives.
  • Business results delivered – gauged through follow-up workshops where participants feedback how they have actually applied the learning and achieved genuine commercial results as a direct result of the training or use of genuine business projects that participants manage and deliver under the guidance of their line executives.
  • Real-time feedback on programmes and simulations through professional psychologists or coaches.
  • Independent online surveys.