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Blended Learning Solutions

At MDA Training we offer our clients a flexible approach to their learning and development needs.  Drawing on our expertise in designing and delivering in-class, online and mobile learning solutions, we can offer our clients innovative and engaging Blended Learning solutions.

What is Blended Learning?

In essence, Blended Learning is a mix of traditional face-to-face classroom-based workshops, experiential simulations and online and mobile interventions, designed to offer flexibility in how people learn.

Sometimes called ‘hybrid’ education, Blended Learning is a dynamic learning solution where participants can engage and interact with the learning solution in a way tailored to their preferred learning style or format.

Blended Learning solutions often embrace extensive online and mobile technology and platforms to not only supplement, but transform and improve a participant’s’ learning journey.

Does Blended Learning Work?

A report published by the US Department of Education in 2010 suggests that Students exposed to both face-to-face and online education were more successful than students learning entirely in a classroom environment.  Moreover, not all people within an organisation learn in the same way.  That’s why our learning solutions are closely tailored to meet the needs of the organisation, whilst offering flexible learning for its people.

Clients regularly challenge us to take a fresh and innovative approach to their learning solutions – seeking to turn their existing traditional classroom-based programme comprising “Chalk & Talk” university style lectures into a learning experience that engages their people at an emotional and intellectual level.  Through our renowned approach to designing and delivering engaging Blended Learning solutions, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive solution to their needs from classroom-based workshops, masterclasses, simulations and activities, to an interactive range of online and mobile media, training and support.

Our Blended Learning solutions are designed with the learner at the heart – providing a rich and engaging learning experience that provides them with skills both useful and relevant to the workplace, and set in the commercial context of the organisation.

Here at MDA Training we have worked hard to achieve a tried and tested, robust approach to Blended Learning solutions for our clients’ training needs.  Find out more about how we can best help you with your professional and commercial training needs.  Contact us at… http://www.mdatraining.com/contact-us